#0 BMW 700 Sport (the little one)

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#1 On my way home with the little one on a trailer


After almost eight hours behind the wheel (and four hours on the trailer for the little one) we were almost home and I decided to unwrap her and take some photos before continuing home for dinner and unloading.

After unloading, eating dinner and returning the trailer it was unfortunately already dark so I decided not to wake up the other car that had to move before I could get the new purchase in to the garage.

#2 Photoshoot


The bright autumn sun started to shine early in the morning so after removing the protective cover I took a few pictures before pushing her into her new home.

#3 Fixing the blog


Even if I've written the posts I haven't had a chance to upload them, but now they are finally online!

I guess I should write something more in this post as well. As you can see on the pictures above the car is a genuine BMW 700 Sport with twin carbs and rear stabilizer bar. It will need quite a lot work before it runs again, but it is a very interesting project and could be considered a real barn find - this particular car is an unrestored original Swedish car which has not been in traffic since 1967.

Some specs:

  • Car model: BMW 700 Sport
  • Model year: 1962
  • Engine: Boxer twin, 45hp SAE
  • Gearbox: 4 speed fully synchronized

The plan is to restore the car to its original condition with only a few (reversible) exceptions:

  • Nardi Classic Mahogny steering wheel (the one that is mounted on the two cars on the BMW Museum)
  • Dual or quad pipe sport exhaust system (which also was a common option back in the days)
  • Replace the clock with an original tachtometer (insurance policy requires main power switch so the clock will never be correct anyways)
  • Since original exterior mirrors are missing I might go for the aftermarket sport mirrors.

#4 Minor updates


After todays Ford Model A technical meet (no, this is not my first car) I had some time over so I put the car on axle stands, removed the back seat and some trim and took some more photos. I'll update this post with photos when I have time to do so.

I've also added a RSS feed under post #0.

And now, the photos. Starting with the backseat:

Removed some trim:


Removed some of the original dirt:

And finally some upskirt photos:

#5 It's not christmas yet, or is it?


Hard packages (well, I don't think I'll wrap them) in time for christmas!

#6 It's been a long time, but here is finally an update!


With some help from an old friend the little engine, gearbox, driveshafts and donuts are finally out!

#7 Initial papers are approved!

It will now be possible to re-register the car as a 1962 if restored without any modifications major.

#8 Preparations and photos


Uploaded a few more photos, no real progress just yet...

#9 Trip to the body shop


The last pictures before the ride to the body shop. This first round we will only fix up some rust and the rear lid. Some interesting details are also shown here - like the inspection sticker from 1967, very likey the last year that this car was on the road last time.

#10 Vintage Nardi/BMW horn button arrives!


I have since long decided that I want a Nardi Classic Wood steering wheel, and today the vintage horn button with BMW logo arrived from Austria.

#11 Back home


Today the 700 came back home after some time at the body shop. Not show quality just yet... This first phase is just focused on getting back on the road. :)

#12 New goodies


Today we got a shipment from www.seabeach.se!

#13 Oldtimerteile


Today we got a shipment from the great guys at www.oldtimerteile.net!

Stay tuned for some photos.

#14 Number two


As it turns out, I now have two 700's, this one is a 700 LS (Model type 700A according to the ID-plate and Swedish car registry). Unfortunately the condition is beyond rescue to this one will only serve as a parts donor.

Photos will be added here later...

#15 Spareparts!


The #2 contained quite a few (surprisingly) usable parts in addition to all the missing metal...

Photos from the inventory will be added here later...

#16 Teardown of #2


Today I finally got time to do some work on #2. Front and rear windows were removed in addition to side markers and some interior elements.

Photos from be added here later...

#17 Original parts listing


0Lennart from 02-dep kindly donated an original 700 part listing folder.